How Does Bish’s RV Charge For Mileage?


We know you just want to hit the open road and not have to worry about how many miles you’ll be driving. At Bish’s RV, we off Pre-Paid Mileage Packages so there are no surprise fees when you return. Mileage fees are only associated with motorhomes (no fees will be applied to travel trailers).

Pre-Paid Mileage Package Options:

If you’re traveling under 1,000 miles, purchase miles in blocks of 100. Each block of 100 miles is $35.00 ($0.35 per mile). For example, if you’re traveling 1,000 miles, it will cost $350.00.

Additional miles over 1,000 can be purchased in blocks of 100 miles at $70.00 per block ($0.70 per mile). For example, if you’re traveling 1,200 miles, it will cost $490.00. Any miles over 2,000 will be charged at $0.90 per mile.

Non-Pre-Paid Miles:

Any miles driven over the pre-paid amount will be charged at $0.90 per mile.



  • Use Google Maps to help you get as close as possible to the miles you will travel on your upcoming trip. Check out the RV Rental Rates Calculator for rates for your trip.
  • If you have any further questions about mileage, please be sure to contact one of our Rental Agents.