How Do RV Rental Companies Charge Miles?


We know, you just want to hit the open road! In order to help you be more prepared for your upcoming trip, we have created this page to help you understand mileage. Did you know that Bish’s RV actually includes free mileage? That’s right with every night that you rent from us you actually get 100 miles per night! Furthermore, we want to show you the advantage that you get on traveling when you rent from Bish’s RV versus some of the other guys. Also, we hope that you will understand how your miles will be priced in the event that you exceed your estimated amount. Use the Google Maps Application to help you get as close as possible to the miles you will travel on your upcoming trip. Check out the RV Rental Rates Calculator for rates for your trip. In conclusion, if you have any further questions about mileage please be sure to contact one of our rental agents.

This mileage comparison is calculated for 7 nights traveling 800 miles.

Bish's RV Mileage

Free Miles


______$0.34 per mile


Total Cost: $34

Cruise America Mileage

Free Mileage


$0.34 per mile


Total Cost: $272

El Monte RV Mileage

Free Mileage


$0.29 per mile


Total Cost: $232

Gas Mileage Calculator




1. RVs usually average between 10-15 Miles Per Gallon. Put "Natural Gas Vehicle" to 0 and "Gasoline Vehicle" somewhere between 10 - 15 in both spaces. Press "Next."

2. Put "Normal Daily Use" box to 0. Change "Other Trips" and "Total miles/year" number to the total number of miles you're going to travel. Press "Next" and see results.

Estimated mileage calculator

Calculate the cost of estimated mileage. miles / day is included in rental