Popular Rental Vacations

We have complied the RV trip planner with the best and most popular RV rental itineraries from our 10,000 plus customers to help you make the most of your motorhome or travel trailer vacation to such places as Yellowstone, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon or other National Parks.

We’ve Taken the Guesswork Out of RV Trip Planning!

You don’t need to spend valuable time planning your RV vacation route, we’ve done it for you! Below, you will find full itineraries to some of the most popular places around Salt Lake City and Jackson, WY.

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Salt Lake City
Jackson Hole
  • RV Vacation Salt Lake City
    Area Attractions
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • RV Vacation Arches
    Arches & Canyonlands
    Duration: 5-7 Days
    Average Miles: 680 Miles
    Moab, UT
  • RV Vacation Dinosaur Discovery
    Dinosaur Discovery
    Duration: 4-6 Days
    Average Miles: 600 Miles
    Various Sites & Museums
  • RV Vacation Zion
    Grand Canyon
    Duration: 7-10 Days
    Average Miles: 950 Miles
    Includes Zion National Park
  • Yellowstone from Salt lake
    Duration: 7-14 Days
    Average Miles: 800 Miles
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Zion National Park
    Duration: 5-14 Days
    Average Miles: 1100
    Best of Southern Utah
  • RV Vacation Jackson
    Area Attractions
    Jackson, WY
  • Glacier National Park
    Duration: 5-7 Days
    Average Miles: 1200 Miles
    Includes Yellowstone
  • Mount Rushmore
    Duration: 5-7 Days
    Average Miles: 1200
    Includes Yellowstone
  • RV Vacation Old Faithful
    Yellowstone from Jackson Hole
    Duration: 5-12 Days
    Average Miles: 300 Miles
    Jackson, WY